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Understand the Possibilities
Use our growing database to discover new clients based on what they do, what they sell, the technologies and services they use and their target market.
Use the aggregated data to understand the possible target markets and to discover unexplored markets, partnership opportunities, and follow the competition.
Unlimited Data
We do the heavy lifting of collecting and structuring data so you don't have to. See data from apps, ads, sites, and so much more in one single place.
Compare sites, companies, technologies and other entities between themselves or with the market as a whole. Discover your strengths and weaknesses in way that was never possible before.
Look at data hidden in plain sight on the web, and use it to get a different perspective on the competitive position of sites and companies.
Enjoy full access to our market reports, expert analysis and all the information we share with the press at no cost. Use this data to gain market insights, or just to satisfy your curiosity.
Even More
If all of this is still not enough, ask us for more. Since we control the capture and data extraction processes, we can create new attributes and classifications tailored to your needs.
More Data For Your Buck
It doesn't matter if you are a small startup or a large enterprise, we have the data you need at a price you can afford, delivered to you in the format you want it.
Need an information feed? API access? Want to download the data into your analytics environment? Want to access all the underlying data? We're here for you.
Data, data and more data, all at price that makes sense to your business.
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